Garry Pettet

Radiologist / software developer

Torquay, UK

Coding and making things keeps me happy


Personal blog

I write about all sorts of stuff, from time to time.

Go Xojo!

My commentary, general musings about and projects involving the Xojo programming language.

Revise Radiology

Online revision for the FRCR exam

I co-founded Revise Radiology in 2014 with two other radiologists to help trainees better learn radiological anatomy and to improve their ability to rapidly interpret plain X-rays. The site provides individual questions and mock exams for the Royal College of Radiologists FRCR Part 1 and Part 2B exams. The site will track your feedback and automatically mark your answers. Whilst I’m a little biased, it really is the best way to prepare for these important exams.


Static site generator written in Xojo

Aoife is the static site generator I wrote to build this site. It also powers my blog, Go Xojo! and a number of other sites. It takes a collection of Markdown files and renders them into a static site. It supports custom themes and custom data within your posts. Importantly, it has a super-easy themeing engine. It’s a command-line binary written in Xojo that’s free and runs on macOS, Windows and Linux. It’s quick too, taking only a few hundered milliseconds to build a typical blog. Find out more here.


A Radiologist’s Notes on Physics

My Kindle book simplifying the physics required to pass the RCR FRCR Part 1 exam.

Notes: Medicine & Surgery

A comprehensive PDF of notes I created to pass my medicial school medicine and surgery finals.

Notes: Clinical Pharmacology

My PDF notes for my clinical pharmacology med school finals.

Notes: Surgery & Anaesthesia

I did a weirdly titled BSc at Imperial College in surgery & anaesthesia. These are the notes I made.


Xojo module for working with medical images

I love being a radiologist and I love Xojo. I’ve been looking for a way to bring these two interests together for a long time. The first step to doing this is to make interacting with medical images (DICOM files) easier, so that’s what I did by creating DICOMKit. It’s an open source Xojo module for parsing and altering DICOM files. It’s not yet feature complete (the DICOM file format is a bitch) but it’s in a usable state. You can find it on GitHub.

Web presence


For my open source coding projects, use GitHub or the Xojo forums. I love hearing from people but please remember I’m a full time doctor and dad. I might not reply immediately.