Tokeniser Videos Finished

For those of you following along with my YouTube video series implementing an object-oriented programming language from scratch called Objo, I've now finished  the implementation of Objo's tokeniser. Every line of code is covered over four videos:

Part 1: Introduction to the tokeniser, setting up the project using GitHub and building the scaffolding of the tokeniser with whitespace handling.
Part 2: The bulk of the tokeniser is written in this video including handling literals, numbers and operators. 
Part 3: Finishes up the implementation, covering string literals, keywords and identifiers.
Part 4: Tests the implementation by writing a simple UI to enter Objo source code and inspect the tokens produced by the tokeniser.

As this is an ongoing video series, I've put all videos related to Objo's implementation into a single playlist.

Next up will be the parser.😀