YouTube. That's the Video Website Right?

For a long time I've wanted to get some content up on YouTube but there were two small issues getting in my way:

  1. I wasn't sure what to vlog about
  2. I've never made any video content before

Small issues for sure but surmountable.

After a lot of deliberation I decided that I would pick something that I already spend a lot of my free time doing and teach others about it. Before you ask, no I'm not going to teach the world about Star Trek or Civilization VI. I'm going to teach anyone and everyone how to code.

"What makes me qualified to teach people to code?" I hear you cry. "Aren't you a doctor?!". Well yeah but you see I've been writing code, building apps, websites and games for 20 years so I'm kind of experienced in this field. Two things made me realise that I can do this:

  1. I've written two freakin' implementations of my own programming language (a tree-walker intepreter and a stack-based VM)
  2. My 9-year-old daughter wants to learn to code and I need to put in the effort to help her

So as of 10 minutes ago, I now have a YouTube channel and have uploaded a couple of videos. The first is a cringeworthy introduction to me and the second is a brief tour of the Xojo IDE.

My plan is to post regular video tutorials to teach a complete newcomer how to build a variety of apps using Xojo. I'm going to assume no prior experience programming to follow along with the tutorials. Hopefully my daughter will be able to use them to learn to code herself if she wants to.

If things go well then hopefully I'll touch on more complex topics and perhaps walkthough some of my open source code in video format. We'll see how things go.