Garry Pettet

Freelance Web, Desktop and iOS developer

If you need to contact me for any reason then please send me an email:

I can’t wait to hear about your project but before you send the email, it’s best that you have a rough idea of what I do and what I charge.

Current Availability

I’m currently available for hire. All of my work is processed through my UK registered company Pettet Ltd. If you have a job offer for a more permenant role I might be interested although I have no desire to relocate from Devon.

Consulting work

I can work in a consulting capacity for you on existing Xojo projects, websites or Laravel/PHP based web applications. Please be aware that I charge £500 per day for my services. I’m based in Devon in the UK but I can travel as required. I make myself readily available to my clients via FaceTime, Skype, email and Slack.

Web Development

Do you need a website for a business or personal project? I can do that for you. I don’t do logo or branding design so I will only accept website projects when you have at least a rough design idea and you need a web developer to build it. Most sites I will preferentially code from scratch using web standards but I’m happy to create you a custom WordPress installation with a bespoke template if you prefer. If you have a particular CSS framework you would like me to use (e.g: Bootstrap, Bulma, etc) then I’m happy to use that instead.

If your needs are more extensive than a simple website, for example you want an online shop or need a complex web application, then I’ll build it using the Laravel PHP framework for the backend and bespoke HTML/javascript for the UI. The cost for a web application is widely variable but I can give you a fixed price after we talk.

Desktop App Development

If you need a Mac, Windows or Linux application then I can help. I have over a decade of experience writing cross-platform applications with the Xojo language ranging from database-driven small business apps to games and even medical imaging viewers. I love developing for the desktop and can help with all aspects from initial concept to building and even deployment onto the Mac App Store and the Windows Store. Perhaps you just need a command line tool to get a specific job done? I can help with that too.

I will give a fixed price for the project up front and all quotes come without any obligation to proceed.

I’m very active within the Xojo community and have open sourced countless lines of code to help other developers. I’m also available for hire as a Xojo consultant to help with existing projects.

iOS Development

If you have an idea for an iPhone or iPad app then I’m happy to work with you to build it for you. Pricing is transparent and fixed before the project starts. I can write the app either in Swift or Xojo.