Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some of the commonest questions people ask me.

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Can you give me a fixed price?

Yes, with a caveat. I am happy to provide a fixed price quote for you which I will honour. However, if you decide to change the specifications during the project then the price will have to be adjusted.

What’s your hourly rate?

I charge £100 / hour for Xojo consulting work or £700 per day. If you need me on site then I expect my travel costs to be reimbursed.

Are you available for medical work?

As I’m also a fully UK-trained consultant radiologist, I’m happy to discuss projects that require my insights as a diagnostic medical imaging expert. I also have deep knowledge of the DICOM standard and various PACS systems.

Where can I find your résumé?

It’s here.

Why did you leave the NHS?

This is a too long complex a question to answer in an FAQ but in short, whilst I love being a doctor, I love creating and programming more. There’s a more detailed explanation on the About page.

Can I keep the source code for my project?

Yes. Code written for your project is yours and will not be reused. The exception to this is custom add-on modules or more generalised GUI controls which are likely to have a larger audience. I reserve the right to sell these items to others after our project has completed. I am happy to discuss the specifics of this on a per-project basis.

Can I give you a full-time job?

If you think I could be a good fit for your company then get in touch and let’s talk. I’ll warn you in advance though, I like working from home where I can spend time with my family.