Xojo Consulting


I have over 15 years of experience developing with Xojo (previously known as RealBasic) and am an active contributor of open source code and advice to the community. I can assist with any aspect of Xojo development you may have. Below are some of the areas people often ask me to help them with.

App Creation

If you have an idea for a new desktop or iOS application then I can help you build it. Whether you’re in the beginning stages of the idea of have fully fleshed it out with a design document I can make your vision a reality.

Code Review

If you have an existing application written in Xojo or RealBasic then I can help you maintain it, fix bugs, add features or modernise it. I can look over your code and help you debug it or improve its performance.


I am well known in the Xojo community for my helpfulness and clarity of explanations. If you are new to Xojo and have a particular area you are struggling with then I can spend time with you either in person or via video chat to educate you on Xojo best-practices, bug-fixing or any other area of Xojo development.

Modules / Custom Controls

If you have an existing application and have a need for a particular function that is not natively provided by Xojo then I can create a module for you. Perhaps you need a particular GUI control for your app that Xojo lacks? I can create it for you. Check out the Add-Ons section of my site to see if I already offer a suitable module for purchase.