About Me

Hello world 👋.

My name is Garry Pettet and I'm a programmer, consultant radiologist and retro computing fanboy.

I create programming tutorials on YouTube and here on the site to teach people how to code. I believe that programming is a crucial skill that anyone can learn and I'm trying to do my bit to make learning to code easier.

Most of the time, I write apps and tutorials using Xojo, my favourite cross platform development tool. I've just started my very first YouTube series trying to teach people to code from scratch using Xojo.

When I'm not embarassingly videoing myself coding I like to make games and programming languages. I'm currently working on a 2D Civilization-like game set in space and playing around with a compiler for my own programming language.

You can find me on YouTube and Twitter.

I write a lot of open source code which I keep over at GitHub.

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