The XUI framework is a collection of user interface classes and helper modules for Xojo desktop projects. Many of the helper and utility modules (such as MarkdownKit) may be used in any Xojo project (e.g. console and iOS).



Getting Started

Install the TextInputCanvas plugin into the Xojo /plugins folder. This can be found in the plugins folder in your download. This is an open source plugin, originally developed by Xojo Inc and now maintained by Einhugur Software. If the IDE is running whilst you do this, you will need to restart it.

Open the XUI.xojo_project file within the /src folder in your download. This is a full demo that should provide you with a good overview of the framework's capabilities.

Using XUI in your own projects

The easiest way to use XUI is to open up the demo project and copy the components you need from the XUIfolder in the navigator. They are structured in an easy-to-understand manner.

Every method and property is documented with an IDE description so you'll get help at the bottom of the IDE when you hover over a symbol in the IDE. Every method is documented fully at the top of its code.


There is comprehensive documentation over at GitHub.

Example screenshots

XUI Inspector

XUI SourceList

XUI TabBar