Sonos Goes Bang

I've been using Sonos products for over a decade and I love them. I've never had a problem with until very recently.

I have their top of the range soundbar (the Arc), with two Play:1s and a sub hooked up to an LG TV via eARC and I use the latest 4K AppleTV for all my video streaming.

This set up has worked flawlessly for ages. Suddenly about 2 weeks ago I started getting intermittent very loud and increasingly frequent electrical sounding bangs and then loss of audio that was only restored with a reboot.

Looks like I'm not the only one with this issue. Almost 600 replies to the thread (which itself it two years old). The workaround is to disable Atmos on the AppleTV so it only outputs Dolby 5.1. Whilst this works it’s unacceptable.

I really hope Sonos figure this out.