I spend most of my free time writing code (usually Xojo but increasingly Swift) or building small technical projects. Over the years I’ve done quite a few. On this page I'll try to list the more interesting ones.


A Xojo module for encoding and decoding objects for storage and transmission using JSON.


A 100% CommonMark compliant Markdown parser for Xojo written in pure Xojo code.


An object-oriented, embeddable, dynamic scripting language written entirely in Xojo implemented with a fast stack-based bytecode virtual machine.


A complete Xojo port of the excellent Box2D rigid body physics engine.


A canvas-based source code editor written in 100% Xojo code. Highly customisable, supporting a variety of programming languages.


A collection of classes for parsing .xojo_project and xojo_xml_project projects into an abstract XKProjectthat represents all items (classes, interfaces and modules) contained within a Xojo project.


This started as a collection of user interface (UI) controls that I needed for my own projects but has grown over the years into a comprehensive suite of additional classes, modules and extensions that simplify and speed up Xojo app development.